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How to Properly Measure for a Custom String
  Measuring String Length

The length of your bowstring should have been stated in the manufacturer's specifications literature which came with the bow or is located on the lower limb of the bow. If you do not have any of that information then remove the string from your bow and measure it from tip to tip. This length is the stretched length of the string and not necessarily the length of the string when it was manufactured. It may have been 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter when it was made, since some strings stretch a little when first put on the bow, or it may have been twisted many times and is now shorter then when made. Checking your Axle to Axle length can help you in figuring out if the string is shorter or longer. If the ATA is shorter, the string will most likely be too or has been twisted to much. If the ATA is longer then your string has either stretched or is not twisted enough.

To be sure that you get an exact fit with precise serving placements, use one of the follow options to measure serving placements.

1. Take the string off and measure using the charts.

2. Use a piece of thread with a loop on the end. Hook it on the post with the string or cable. Follow the string track and mark the start and stop locations of all servings. Measure the thread, include the loop. Now use the chart to measure the other areas with a tape.

3. Send the set of strings you would like to replace, make sure you paper clip the loops together so that the length and twists is maintained.

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